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Today, we discuss the trauma-informed Witness Credibility App.


We will review innovations adopted by the App, its methods and share feedback from professionals who have seen the demo.

What are people saying about our trauma-informed Witness Credibility App? We received positive and inspiring feedback from legal experts, human resources, engineers, project managers and academics after they walked through the demo. They say things like,

“I think you are on to something,”

“I would use this App when conducting my witness preparation.”

“The way the App reduces investigator bias at the front-end is brilliant.”

“I’m encouraged to see that the App applies a trauma-informed approach.”

“This has broad application well beyond the field of HR and would be useful when evaluating any interviewer/interviewee scenario.”

This is the feedback we received from respected professionals who watched our demo and reviewed our methods.

Front-line organizational leaders and advisors, absent formalized investigation training, conduct most workplace investigations.

First, we tip our hats to you. Situations arise, and you step with courage and care to fact-find and issue-manage in a respectful and dignified way to support your team and organization. You prove, time and time again, you walk towards problems, not away from them. Sometimes extremely complex files fall in our lap; sometimes, a file that appears to be straightforward becomes complex.

Nevertheless, you rise to the occasion, and for that, we are grateful to you.

Through interviewing witnesses, we often encounter contrasting perceptions or even conflicting stories from different witnesses.

As we evaluate objective facts against objective standards to help manage the workplace, we need first to decide what those objective facts are. This can be challenging and complex. Often you are in the best position to make that determination as you are closest to the facts in both proximity and time.

And what of the they-said they-said situations?

Investigators must evaluate carefully and fairly and make a call.

The Witness Credibility App helps investigators organize their thoughts and make a call on witness credibility. It does this by using factors accepted by courts to assess witness credibility. The App provides a report of rankings across 16 credibility factors which will help you form and defend your judgement call on which evidence to prefer.

Also, the App will ask you, the investigator, to declare if there is reason to believe the witness is burdened by current or historical trauma, including trauma arising from sexual harassment or assault. The App then adjusts its math to ensure the credibility measurement does not unfairly disadvantage those experiencing trauma or survivors of sexual misconduct.

Life often presents us with the challenge of conducting front-line, workplace investigations.

When that happens, continue to step up with courage and care.

Watch for our Witness Credibility App release in the coming weeks. Try it out when you have a chance. There is no ongoing obligation. If you are interested in a demo, please contact me at sam@workforcedelivery.com.


Thank you for your time today; take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Respectfully yours,

Sam Kemble.

Chief Operating Officer