March 8, 2018

In February 2015 Sara joined Workforce Delivery, bringing a wealth of valuable experience in respect to:

  • business process development,
  • document and file management systems,
  • dynamic data management, and
  • data reconciliation and migration.

Over the last few years, Sara has applied those skills in Construction Industrial Relations and HSE fields. She flourished in the intensity of the onsite construction environment while meeting the demands of multiple project stakeholders. Sara’s skill at developing onboarding processes and camp and travel efficiency are inspiring, and her quality of work is impeccable.

This is a great fit for Workforce Delivery. With staged recruitment, A, B, C-shift rotations, fly-in/fly out programs, camp and multiple camp administration, multiple contractors and multiple trades; big sites mean big dynamic data.

​Sara fosters positive professional relationships with her team and external stakeholders including hiring halls, earning the respect of project leadership and union business agents.

Sara’s thoughtfulness and good judgement support her ability to respond to labour relations issues at the workface tactfully. She assists in the co-development of HR consulting, policy and work rules that are effective in the field and administratively manageable. We are extremely pleased to have Ms. McLeod join our team and have given her an exciting new portfolio to apply her skills in our industrial relations and human resources service to the Western Canadian industrial construction industry.