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Are We Setting Indigenous Relations Resources Up for Success

"The good news is, choosing to walk this path will introduce leaders to some of the most amazing, strong people one will ever meet...It must be noted that unlike safety, which over years & years has become embedded & ingrained into the fabric of organisational culture, with safety representatives providing primarily educational and technical support; Indigenous relations resources are at first, in a sense, behind enemy lines and face hostility when attempting to introduce the required changes. 

Home Fire

A film about colonization, historic, intergenerational and ongoing trauma confronted with some victorious in overcoming challenges, via a departure from tradition western judicial system methods in deference to grassroots Indigenous healing programs.

Buffalo Sage: House to Home

A short video exploring historic trauma on Indigenous women and the victory by some over confronting trauma via grassroots Indigenous healing practices. Indigenous knowledge prevails, making a tremendous difference in the lives of the individuals, family and community of those on the journey.

How to Respond to Grievances, by Sam Kemble

Workforce Delivery Inc. workshop on useful perspectives/effective approaches to grievance responses. It's intended for all interested, including: -junior, student & seasoned labour relations practitioners, & supervisors/leaders wanting to be ahead of the curve.

Open Bidding is the Way to Go

"I can't do that - 'cause I don't have to", Open bidding is the way to go - so let's not mess it up!

If open-shop, non-traditional BTU, CLAC, & building trades are allowed to compete; private & public capital projects benefit with upwards of 30% reduced cost, increased innovation, increased regional economic benefit, & lower project risk. 

#4 Respect in a Post MeToo Environment: Investigations

#4 Respect in the Workplace in a Post MeToo Environment: Investigations

A focus on organizational/employer responses to sexual harassment and harassment complaints and the importance of sound investigations in a post-MeToo environment     

Joyful Effort, Competence & Attitude

Joyful Effort, Competence & Attitude

A competence, attitude & capacity to exert effort discussion inspired by Tweets about the lack of the Alberta NDP's  success (leading up to and) as of May 23, 2018. 

#3 Respect in Post #MeToo Bill 30 COAA Respect Gap Analysis

#3 Respect in Post MeToo Bill 30 COAA Respect Gap Analysis

With the introduction of Bill 30 by the Alberta Government to amend the OH&S Act and WCB Act to reinforce provisions to protect workers from harassment we conduct a GAP analysis on the widely adopted COAA Respect in the Workplace Toolkit. 

#2 Respect: MeToo TimesUp & Harassment Policy Administration

#2 Respect:  MeToo TimesUp and Harassment and Respect Policy Administration

Commentary on HR/LR Organizational Responses to Me Too and the Times Up movements in Canada. 

#1 Series Respectful Workplace Me-Too Rhapsody

#1 Respect in a Post - MeToo Environment: "Respectful Workplace Me-Too Rhapsody" - What is an Employer to Do?"

Introduction to Workforce Delivery's series on Respect in the Workplace Policy and Investigations within the context of Me-Too, Bill 30 (AB) and Tort Damages Awards by various Courts.

Teck Coal

In regards to the proportionality test, the arbitrator departed from reality in wrongfully concluding: that simply because Teck Coal was achieving safety improvements as a result of other aspects of its robust health and safety program, somehow random testing ceases to be a proportional response.  This is irrational, unworkable and very common in BC industrial jurisprudence because of the lack of industrial work in BC for a period of close to 20 years. 

Moving into B.C. on autopilot creates issues for your Client

Many construction companies are moving into the British Columbia market. Those that do so on "autopilot" may create serious issues for your organization and your client. A recent BC Human Rights Tribunal's decision again highlights the difference in BC Human Rights Code versus other jurisdictions such as in Alberta, which confines the Act to discrimination arising from the employment employers. 

To Include or Not Include:HR protected absences & attendance

Most front line supervision and managers will agree that when attendance becomes a problem, attendance management can introduce a frustrating and uncomfortable part of the job. 

Canada Job Bank LMIA Requirements

Canada Job Bank Requirements Make Domestic Recruitment Complex: Job Bank-centric requirements result in the need for a separate but coordinated domestic recruitment business process. 

Developments in intersection between theft & human rights

From the introduction to the hybrid approach and the "mimicking" legal frameworks that followed, there was a departure from focusing on the decisions and conduct of the employer, in favour of (in my opinion) a fruitless focus on the nuances, nature and intricacies of the employee's response to their addiction. All of which is beyond the reasonable purview and responsibility of the employer, unions and I would even say, leads to a never-ending loop for employment administrative tribunals. 

Indigenous adults hired less & more likely under-hired

For those who prevail over systemic/societal barriers to achieve a post-secondary education, keep trudging. Society needs you and you are earning the opportunity to choose between a number of fulfilling career choices. However, this study shows that indigenous adults with lower than a bachelors degree are more likely to be overqualified for the positions for which they are working. 

Bench Diagnosis doesn't result In damages in dismissal case

A recent BC Court of Appeal case clarifies evidentiary requirements for establishing the presence of mental distress for awarding aggravated damages in wrongful dismissal cases. 

Employer Responsible for Employee Conduct on 3rd Party

Brief Commentary of SCC 62 Schrenk Decision, A British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal Appeal by the Supreme Court of Canada, 2017.