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We Offer Numerous Training Modules for Employees, Supervisors and Managers

We have a mix of useful and effective training modules that are both theoretically grounded and practically implementable

Front-Line Supervisory Training and Performance Management

Understand relevant legislation and the scope and limits of authority within which Supervisors / Managers operate. Learn how to establish a rule / expectation, how to consistently and fairly administer expectations, and how to confront behaviour requiring course correction (including practical advice on conducting a documented,  confrontational interview).

Anti-Harassment Training

Learn of responsibilities, liabilities relating to harassment, bullying and violence. Consider strategies and techniques for establishing a welcoming, respectful work environment.

Learn to face and be responsive to issues that arise, while respecting due process and preserving the safety and dignity of those involved.

Attendance Management

Consider what metrics and thresholds to to put in place to record and if necessary, trigger Attendance Management processes. Consider differing management streams and know which one is most appropriate under distinct circumstances. Discuss the interplay of attendance management and various legislated and employment contract leaves. When is missed time culpable? When must time away be accommodated? 

Responding to Grievances

Responding to grievances with credibility, strength and empathy goes a long way towards de-escalating conflict and focusing on paths of resolution. Proper techniques and strategies support achieving the forgoing while protecting the organization’s interest – should the file ultimately require third party adjudication.  

Alcohol and Drug Policy Implementation

Comprehensive training on safety-purposed alcohol and drug policy administration. This includes establishing a defendable work rule, administering post-incident and reasonable cause testing, non-compliance responses, and navigating duty to accommodate scenarios.

Modified Duties and Duty to Accommodate

A comprehensive course on the origins of both occupational and non-occupational, physical and mental related duty to accommodate obligations. The above is  accompanied  with a review of sound practices and effective responses to assessing and administering modified duty and duty to accommodate scenarios on a case-by-case basis.

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