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Labour Relations


Advice and services ranging from a single incident on up to comprehensive strategy and ongoing services.   

Sam Kemble  has over 18 years experience in providing advice and service in labour relations. In today's market climate, many organizations do not have the size or budget to maintain their own in-house labour relations expertise and also need to manage legal expenses. Workforce Delivery Inc. has the experience and skills to manage grievances, pre-arbitration, investigations and collective bargaining for any size of organization. We are ideally suited to organizations that need to scale up/down as labour relations issues arise.

Labour Supply & Logistics


Getting the right people to the worksite in a timely and cost effective manner.

Workforce Delivery Inc. can help you ensure your labour supply plan meets the needs of the project in the most cost-effective manner. Understanding the full picture of labour markets, logistics options, immigration realities, scheduling and costs are all key to develop a plan suited to the project.  Workforce Delivery has experience in managing the interplay and evolving nature of these issues that drive labour costs and availability. We support all aspects of program development and delivery, including in the following areas:

  • Labour supply proposals and agreements
  • Recruitment execution
  • Onboarding program development and delivery
  • Travel and accommodation strategies, planning and execution
  • Immigration issues advice and case management 

Data & Process Analytics


Unlocking the information within your market, environment and organization in order to produce a clear picture and define actions that will make a difference.

Workforce Delivery Inc. can review how information is being used currently in your organization and identify opportunities to further develop how you generate, use and control data.  Faster sourcing of employees, reducing labour costs, eliminating bottlenecks and upgrading your internal capacity to manage your own data are just some of the reasons to engage Workforce Delivery.

Policy Design & Implementation


Developing, implementing and/or updating policies that affect people in the workplace.

We have experience in the development, rollout and updating of policies across all of the service areas listed here and more.  Policies need to address the specific needs of your organization and project and be legally compliant.  Workforce Delivery Inc. can also ensure policies are robust, clear and integrate with the rest of your business. Our policy expertise includes drug and alcohol policy and program development.

Organizational Growth


Providing the insights and supports to enable your organization to take its next steps.  

Workforce Delivery Inc. can enhance your view the current situation and what lies ahead for development and markets in Western Canada.  With this broad view, we can help you define a plan to expand and move forward. Whether you can benefit from a deeper understanding of your people and partners or want to engage with new communities and ideas we can help.

Indigenous Strategies


Advice and support from high level policies and plans down to the day to day actions that are all key effective relationships with First Nations and local communities.  

Workforce Delivery Inc. can provide policy analysis, development and consultation representation  with a passion for serving the needs of the project and  First Nation, Metis and Inuit communities. Our approach is solution focused in helping others navigate extremely complex policy and execution issues.