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Rest and Digest

It is not just what we eat but how we eat. How many of us eat at our desks, on the go or rushing between meetings? What does that tell our brain / nervous system? It sends a signal that we are in danger. Instinctively, the only reason we would eat on the run is to get away from a predator. Our natural state is to rest and digest. Eating at our desk edges our nervous system into a sympathetic state or a fight or flight state.

Only eat at your desk or on the go if you are too peaceful and serene and want to increase your anxiety. (har har)

The best is to eat seated, away from your desk, without electronic distractions. Kathleen Bauer, Nourished Health | Nourish your body’s ability to heal itself!

Breathe deeply, which will support your nervous system entering a parasympathetic state, best for calm and digestion. http://www.amsa.org/healingthehealer/breathing.cfm

When we eat, rest and digest.


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