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Projects & Key Acheivements of Staff and Firm

 Workforce Delivery Inc.

January 2019 – Present

Supervisory performance management and progressive discipline educational workshops.

United Brotherhood of Carpenters 

October 2019 – Present

Undisclosed Scope.

National Construction Council

October 2019 – Present

Undisclosed Scope.

Edmonton Economic Development

September 2018 – Present

Collective agreement bargaining renewal (interest-based bargaining) with CUPE in respect to the Edmonton Expo Centre.

PCL Industrial Constructors Inc.

May 2019

Undisclosed Scope.

Mikisew Group of Companies

April 2019 - May 2019

Undisclosed Scope.

Mikisew Maintenance Limited Partnership

March 2019

Undisclosed Scope.

DraftSeal KT

March 2019 - August 2019

Collective Agreement Renewal (Lead Spokesperson) for agreement by and between DraftSeal and the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) union for fabrication/assembly shop in Langley, BC.

TransAlta Corporation

July 2018 – Present

Collective Agreement Renewals with the United Steel Workers (Alberta), UNIFOR (Sarnia), IBEW (Alberta), Coal Transition (Just Transition) support, Management-side labour relations support.

SNC Lavalin

November 2018

Undisclosed Scope.

Indigenous Knowledge and Wisdom Centre

July 2018

Undisclosed Scope.

BFI Constructors Ltd.

July 2018 - November 2018

Labour Execution Plan support for Grassy Mountain Coal Project.

Bigstone Cree Nation

Jan 2018 - Present

Undisclosed Scope.

Synergy Projects Ltd.

January 2018

Undisclosed Scope.

PACP Construction: Coastal GasLink Pipeline Project 

Mar 2017 – Present 

Refine workforce delivery and labour relations plan with Building Trades supply model, support overall construction execution from a workforce delivery and industrial relations services standpoint for PACP Construction. Approximately 700 craft positions. This pipeline feeds into Shell's LNG Canada Project. 

2017 Construction Agreement Bargaining Renewals - Saskatchewan

Sep 2016 – Present 

Spokesperson negotiator at four tables for Construction Labour Relations Saskatchewan in support of 2017 round of collective agreement renewals. 

Market Performance Insight Initiative (MPII), IMPACT- Regional Advisory Board XI

Mar 2015 – Jan 2018

Labour market performance research and analysis in respect to Western Canadian industrial construction projects pertaining specifically to structural and reinforcing iron installation. [2011-2015] 

KBR Woodfibre LNG FEED: Workforce Delivery and Labour Relations

Nov 2016 – May 2017 

Develop a workforce delivery execution model for execution of the Woodfibre LNG Project. If required, negotiate associated labour agreements. Develop and submit labour sourcing risk analysis. 

BC Hydro: Third Party Contractor A&D Policy Audit Program

Feb 2017 – Mar 2017 

Develop a third party contractor A&D policy audit program to ensure minimum standards are met in respect to 800 contractors engaged in work for BC Hydro across the province of British Columbia. 

Stollery 2020 Task Force Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation

Stollery 2020 Task Force Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation (Pro Bono)


May 2015 – Aug 2016 

Capital Development Project, Vancouver Downtown Eastside (Pro Bono)

Consultant, Labour Relations Practitioner - Safway Group Canada, Inc.

Nov 2015 – May 2016 

Workforce delivery support, labour relations representation & HR consulting 

Chiefs Advisory Council: Aboriginal Community Liaison Committee, Edmonton Police Service 

Feb 2015 – Mar 2016 

Director - Human Resources and Labour Relations, Safway Group - Access & Industrial Services, Canada 

Jan 2015 – Dec 2015 

Service and assessment in respect to Human Resource Management structure & processes for Canadian Operations. 

2014 Construction Agreement Renewal - Saskatchewan

2013 – Feb 2015 

Spokesperson negotiator at three tables for Construction Labour Relations Saskatchewan in support of 2014 round of collective agreement renewals.

Workforce Delivery and Labour Relations for Bantrel Constructors at the Rio Tinto Alcan Modernization Project, Kitimat BC.

Nov 2013 – Nov 2014 

Workforce Delivery and Workforce Management including labour relations for Bantrel Constructors, contracted to Bechtel on the Rio Tinto Alcan Kitimat Modernization Project. 

Mentor (Rivers to Success - Mentoring Indigenous Youth) 

Sep 2014 – Sep 2014 

Workforce Delivery and Craft Logistics for ConocoPhillips Surmont Phase 2

Nov 2013 – Nov 2013 

Planning and costing workforce delivery strategy for execution of the Surmont Phase 2 project. Labour and workforce strategy development and workforce delivery forecasting and costing for Surmont Phase 3. 

Workforce Delivery for Bantrel Management Services at ConocoPhillips / Total Surmont Phase 2

Workforce Delivery for Bantrel Management Services at ConocoPhillips / Total Surmont Phase 2 

Jun 2012 – Nov 2013 

Kitimat LNG - Apache/LNG Front End Engineering and Design

2011 – 2012 

Developed Workforce Delivery strategy and negotiated a Project Labour Agreement for Kitimat LNG.

Imperial Oil Sarnia Cat Cracker Expansion Project

2011 – 2012 

Workforce planning and readiness review to support critical path shutdown construction activities. 

Imperial Oil Strathcona Refinery Cat Cracker Project

2011 – 2012 

Workforce Planning and Readiness Review to support and de-risk critical path shutdown execution. 

KBR Fabrication Shop Collective Bargaining Renewal

2012 – 2012 

Provided back-office support for a colleague to conduct her first round of bargaining with the United Association, Local 488. 

Northwest Redwater Partnership FEED and Constructability

2011 – 2012 

Total human resource and labour relations/workforce strategy and planning support. 

Shell ACJV Athabasca Oil Sands Downstream Project

2010 – 2011 

LR support for 1800 construction craft workers. 

Syncrude Emission Reduction Project (SERP)

2010 – 2011 

Total labour relations support. 

Rapid Site Access Program

2008 – 2010 

Worked with contractors, unions, owners and expert service providers to develop, obtain buy-in, draft rules and procedures, and implement; Canada's first multi-employer, multi-site, multi-union random drug and alcohol testing program. 

Suncor Fall 2010 Turnaround

2010 – 2010 

Labour Relations and HR support for turnaround. 

Personal Information Protection Act Model Policy

Jun 2003 – Dec 2003 

For PIPA developed a Model Policy that was delivered to the construction industry in advance of the legislation coming into effect. Then carried on into the privacy field, becoming an expert of protection and use off medical information by employers and protection and use of information related to Alcohol and Drug policy administration. 

Suncor Spring 2011 Turnaround

Mobilized and demobilized 900 skilled trades people in 45 days to support shutdown.