Workplace Investigations

Why Use a Third Party Workplace Investigator?

There are many reasons why a third party investigator may be appropriate for an organization-initiated workplace investigation. Here are a few.


For an investigation to be credible to internal and external stakeholders, the investigator needs to both be, and be perceived to be, neutral.

Depending on who is the subject of the investigation and under what circumstances the need for the investigation arose; achieving neutrality with an internal investigation may be a challenge.

Post Me-too / Times-Up

There is increased scrutiny on organizations by employees, external stakeholders, including courts, human rights, and occupational health and safety officers, with increased awareness of late. More attention is paid to how organizations respond and on the integrity of both the responsiveness and due process afforded to harassment situations that may arise.

Bullying, Harassment and Psychological Harm & OH&S/WCB

Workplace and sexual harassment, bullying and hazards to psychological harm are now explicitly prohibited by by Occupational Health & Safety legislation and may possibly be reportable  and compensable by WCB. The forgoing increases the need for a high-integrity and skilled investigation, together with more structured reporting. 

An Objective Starting Point

The findings of a skilled third party investigator are more likely to be treated with increased deference than one conducted internally. Deploying a neutral and skilled investigator can create an objective starting point from which to make decisions. 

Manage Legal Costs

What is not covered, or not covered adequately, will ultimately fall to the responsibility of legal resources engaged on the file. Thoughtful use of a third party investigator may result in significant legal cost control.

Internal Capacity

Internal capacity from either skill or time perspectives may be scarce, particularly during these times of lean organization charts. An investigation is time-consuming, requires focus and attention. It is a discrete scope of work easily parsed for contracting out.

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Sometimes a third party investigator is necessary… 

Whether the need for a 3rd party is for reasons associated with complexity, neutrality, internal capacity or due to other sensitivities we can help.