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HR Wonks™ HR Tools

HR Wonks™ provides a suite of simple yet innovative HR tools for human resources professionals and functional and operational leaders.

HR Wonks has apps to assist with workforce investigations, progressive discipline and workforce ranking.

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Part of the proceeds are donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Saffron Centre Ltd.

Witness Credibility Assessment App

This HR Solution App helps investigators review witness credibility against credibility factors accepted by courts and tribunals and produces a report that can be attached to the investigation file. Further, the assessment helps reduce investigator bias. The design is trauma-informed to ensure the investigation review is not biased against those experiencing trauma or surviving a sexual harassment or sexual assault event.

Level of ProgressiveDiscipline App

This HR Solution App helps HR and Managers review proposed levels of progressive discipline against the William Scott Discipline Factors. The App produces a report that comments on each mitigating and aggravating factor and provides an overall comment on considerations for the appropriate level of discipline. The App will improve the quality of discipline decision-making and help leadership arrive at defendable decisions.

Workforce Ranking App

This HR Solution App helps HR and Managers efficiently rank their team members’ safety, quality, productivity, attendance, teamwork and attitude performance. Once ranked, individual reports are produced for each member ranked to assist with one-on-one discussions and to put into the employee’s file. Also, the App allows the leader to set the tone of the letter produced by the App to either “corrective, neutral, or encouraging.”