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March 8, 2018

The “First Nations in Canada” Spatial Geo-plot is attached above to demonstrate what a geo-plot looks like. It is a spatial plot of every First Nation Community in Canada.  

We use the same process to map the labour sourcing profile of construction projects.   

The resulting map helps understand labour markets penetrated and identify labour pools that may yet be untapped.   

The map can show a graphical representation of the areas where your legacy and current “craft following” reside.  

We have used this in the past in targeted advertising campaigns or to identify areas where trips would be beneficial to meet with labour brokers in specific areas to inspire more interest in a project or company.  If the provision of rotational transportation is in your execution scope, the map can be used to assign, develop and forecast the cost of travel hubs and flight patterns.   

We have used the map as a more internal document (for privacy reasons as the map must be zoomed into for more granularity of detail, which would show streets where your employees reside) to assess the viability of setting up daily bussing routes on projects not remote from major centers.  Also, displaying the map at the workplace can build collegiality and acceptance among a diverse workforce.   The map can also build morale to acknowledge the magnitude of those staff members’ efforts managing your project’s craft logistics on your behalf. Printing the map and giving it to those staff to hang it in their office shows the magnitude of their efforts and accomplishments.   


Depending on your needs, the map can be broken down by project, by employed date ranges, by trade or classification (such as by foreman and above, journeymen, and apprentices) and other categories if you have the data.   In our experience, it has been at times helpful to analyze by stage of project lifecycles such as site prep and civil phases, mechanical and piping phases, and electrical, insulation and pre-commissioning phases.   

Please contact us if you are interested in developing a labour-sourcing profile map of your current or legacy projects. We are also available to present this topic at an event or planning session if you believe that it might be of value to your organization.