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HR Wonks™ Employer Proof of Vaccination Policy

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Workforce Delivery Inc. understands employers’ timely and urgent need to prove employees are vaccinated to work safely.

We developed a model employer proof of vaccination policy with the option to adopt:

  1. vaccines as a requirement to be at work, or
  2. vaccines as a requirement to be at work with the alternative option to submit to Rapid COVID Testing. 

In each scenario, employers must consider accommodations for employees with human rights protected grounds not to vaccinate. 

We recognize many small and medium-sized businesses may not have the in-house expertise to develop their policy quickly.

With the current situation as it is, there is too much risk to delay!

Therefore, we offer this model vaccine policy for use on a pay-what-you-can basis, and yes, if that means you need to access the policy for five dollars, we are ok with that. 

As noted below, we will donate a portion of the collected proceeds to the Canadian Mental Health Association (Canada) and Saffron Centre Ltd. 

 Thank you for your support and for this opportunity to be of service.


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We donate part of the proceeds to the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Saffron Centre Ltd.

Employer Vaccine Model Policy

Pay-What-You-Can Proof of Vaccination Policy for Employers

Much has been downloaded onto small businesses and employers during the pandemic. We wish to help.


Workforce Delivery Inc.’s HR Wonks ™ has developed a Proof of Vaccination Model Policy for Employers.

We drafted the policy together with respected colleagues and with the input of three leading labour and employment legal firms. The policy allows employers to modify it to suit their operations.

For employers needing a proof of vaccination policy, consider using this one. Modify it for your purpose and then review it with your legal resource. This is the most efficient way to adopt a high-quality policy for your operations.

This type of policy would cost $5,000-$10,000 or more for an employer to develop on their own. We wish this to be accessible for all employers. We, therefore, rely on the honour system. We ask employers to pay what is fair and what they can. The most important thing is that employers have access to the policy if they need it. Part of the proceeds we collect over and above what it costed us to create this offering will be donated to the following community champion organizations.

The pandemic has impacted the mental health of Canadians and has contributed to an increase in

  • domestic violence,
  • sexual harassment and sexual violence.

For that reason, WFD Inc will contribute part of the proceeds earned through this policy’s sales to the Saffron Centre Ltd and the Canadian Mental Health Association (Canada).

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