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Collective Bargaining Services

We have the experience, judgment and skill to support your organization conduct  important and complex collective bargaining services.

With extensive collective bargaining services experience, we can help determine a suitable negotiation stance or posture, develop the negotiation strategy and then execute the plan while maintaining business relationships important to your organization. 

Collective Bargaining

Having completed well over one hundred rounds of collective bargaining services; our negotiators quickly orientate themselves to your operation, with appreciation for the business realities of the current situation together with historic context of bargaining and the market(s) within which your organization operates. 

Project Labour Agreements

Executing major capital works in today’s environment is challenging even under the best circumstances. In fact, investors are often reluctant to commit capital to Canadian jurisdictions. For more major endeavors, the structure of standard employment contract or collective agreement terms may also fetter project economics. We can assist in determining a labour posture mix and strategy, and achieving employment contract terms and conditions that are in alignment with project execution.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Conflict and issues may arise between people and groups within supply chains, between departments, regional offices or supervisors. Leaders could mandate a resolution, however, a more lasting and effective approach might be to encourage parties to confront the issues and arrive at their own, agreed-to resolutions. A structured and facilitated discussion can be useful in achieving that end.

Commercial Negotiation

Regardless of whether a hard bargain is required or whether collaborative approach that strengthens the relationship is needed; we can assist in both assessing and developing a strategy, and supporting the execution at the negotiation table(s). 

Workplace Interpersonal Conflict Negotiation

When friction between colleagues gets toxic, failure to resolve this may result in the loss of one or both valuable team members. Solutions to interpersonal conflict (ones that haven’t crossed into the realm of harassment or bullying – for that, we recommend an entirely different approach…) cannot be imposed – it must be arrived at and agreed to. We can assist set up and facilitate such discussions.

Stakeholder Negotiations

Sometimes business activities and ventures touch broader stakeholders within the community. This interaction or exchange at times requires negotiation. We can assess and help your team take a sensitive, mature and long-lasting solution-focused approach that satisfies business needs, restores relationships while maintaining the reputation of your organization. 

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