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Fear of Abandonment

Many adults are affected by underlying fears of abandonment. When that is the case, they can often rely heavily on others for validation, anticipate rejection, and often be on alert for signs of disinterest. (Fear of Abandonment: Overcoming the Fear of Being Left Alone (psychalive.org))

This precarious feeling can create triggers and fears that stress the person’s relationships and create emotional swings, even in relationships at work.


Often overlooked by the person experiencing this fear, the abandonment experience, while real, generally happens to children, not adults. Adults are not get abandoned; they are left. Hence the fears and emotions are not based on the present.


We can all help by:

  • being kind to ourselves and one another at work,
  • being mindful of triggers and emotions not based on the present, and
  • remembering that many people experience these types of fears, and
  • remembering it is a natural human thing to occur.

In other words, be easy on ourselves and others.


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