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Today we discuss how managers and leaders decide the type and how much discipline to give to a non-compliant employee.


And, we are here to let you know that there’s an App for that! The HR Wonks™ Level of Discipline App.

Suppose you need to issue discipline to an employee.

  • What kind of discipline is appropriate?
  • What level of discipline is appropriate?
  • How do we ensure we make the right choices?
  • How can we reduce the chance of our choices being overturned if challenged?

When considering discipline, most supervisors, managers and HR practitioners naturally focus on the most current situation before them.

This often leads us to focus on some but not all the necessary factors. Or we may place too much weight on one or two factors and ignore other factors.

What usually happens?

  • Applying the discipline does not go as we imagined.
  • It does not have the desired effect of encouraging the employee to adjust their behaviour.
  • Or the discipline levied is overturned or modified due to a challenge.

This is primarily due to errors and omissions in our analysis when contemplating discipline.

The tried and tested legal criteria are broader than what we would often naturally consider when applying discipline in a given circumstance if we are not careful. Indeed, we must be painstaking. Court and tribunals expect employers to consider a wide range of aggravating and mitigating factors before issuing discipline. This is tough to keep track of, especially when working on a complex file. That’s why I developed a tool for myself. I’ve used it for years. We converted the tool I used for years as a Labour Relations HR practitioner into an App that leaders and HR people can use. It is called the HR Wonks™ Level of Discipline App.

The steps are easy and as follows.

  1. Fill out the App Survey by finding the HR Wonks™ Level of Discipline App at www.workforcedelivery.com. It is only 13 questions to answer.
  2. Receive the App report in your email. HR Wonks™ sends a report to your email in real-time.
  3. Continue making your level of discipline decision using the report and then file it as supporting evidence.

Give the App a try today.

It will enhance the quality and thoughtfulness of the corrective action portion of your performance management system. Find the App at www.workforcedelivery.com.

Thank you for your time today; take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Respectfully yours,

Sam Kemble.

Chief Operating Officer